Africa Social Enterprise Forum 2009
ASEF Featured Speaker and Khaya Cookie Company CEO Alicia Polak will be on hand to discuss just how eating scrumptious Khaya cookies (I'm addicted!) made in Cape Town--see pic of Table Mountain above--creates jobs in Africa.  Come to ASEF and enjoy a sample.  Better yet, get your own box--you will definitely be singing about it.  Vsit Khaya Cookie Company online to find your closest retailer:
Stay tuned about African social entrepreneurship and business development with fresh-off the press, just launched blog by ASEF Co-Chair, Magogodi Makhene.  The Blog, Africa's Moment, will also capture the Clinton Global Initiative throughout this coming week. First post is a detailed account of a secret meeting with President Clinton on the eve of CGI.  Read Full Post here:
ASEF 2009 Keynote Speaker and Futurist Leader Andrew Zolli speaks about how business needs to create models for return on demand for the base of pyramid consumers
Project Masiluleke, launched in 2008 and funded by Pop!Tech, had the potential of reaching 1 million South Africans daily with life-saving information about HIV/AIDS. ASEF 2009 Keynote and Pop!Tech Curator, Andrew Zolli, says the campaign is "is one of the largest ever uses of mobile phones for health info"

A sample SMS Text, "HIV + & being mistreated by your family of friends? For confidential counseling call AIDS Helpline on 0800012322."

Read Full Article Here:
A focal point of ASEF is balancing conversation about African development by highlighting innovative African solutions which challenge what's implied in popular culture and media-that social innovation is an Anglo-Saxon invention.  Informing, expanding and creating the African brand and imagery is critical to endorsing and perpetuating a progressive African future. This piece, performed by Djimon Hounsou and written by Binyavanga Wainaina, humorously captures how Africa's brand is eroded by both inflated and subtle stereotypes.
Our friends at Invest In Africa are spreading the good news about African investment opportunities.  Invest in Africa's Founder and Editor Ryan Shen-Hoover boasts more than a decade researching and writing about Africa.  He lived in the beautiful Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho and saw there first-hand how a business can impact local development by meeting its bottom line and creating jobs for Africans.  We are proud to partner with Invest in Africa.  Please follow the active link to read their newsletter and learn more about how you can make your dollars do good not just for you, but for African economies.
Speak to an Expert Adviser at ASEF about Your Social Enterprise
Are you starting a social enterprise and need some pointed, expert advice?  Maybe your idea is implemented, but you need to figure how to jump the hurdle to the next phase of growth?

We've lined up an impressive roster of accomplished experts for our speed mentor sessions.  Take advantage of their experience+knowledge-Diana, left, is CEO of Fast Forward Fund, an innovative initiative that cultivates investors among youth--Youth Investing in Youth.   Amini, center, is Executive Director at WIBO, where she helps more than 500 businesses in NYC expand from seed to growth and beyond.  Amini's value has been acknowledged by the William H. Clinton Foundation.  Bhavika, right, has more than 10 years experience working in investment banking.  She's gone from working for the likes of Goldman Sachs+ J.P.Morgan, to overseeing US$4 billion assets under management.  Bhavika is Founding Partner of Velocitas, a consulting group that helps social ventures tap strategic capital and grow.

Book your appointment with one of these mentors, as well as others, by following instructions here. Please note there are Limited Time Slots.
Gimme That! is a social entrepreneurial venture in Cape Town, South Africa, providing a mobile vending solution on the streets of Cape Town.  Founded by Yolanda Methvin, Gimme That! gives micro-entrepreneurs employment and ownership opportunities in an innovative model.

ASEF is proud to partner with to make our conference available to the African diaspora.  Listen here as featured ASEF Speaker, Nii Simmonds, speaks to about innovation in Africa
Craigslist Founder, Craig Newmark, will deliver the morning keynote address at the Africa Social Enterprise Forum, Sept26, NYC.  Craigslists disruption and intermediation of online media platforms serves as a poignant example of how the internet can be used as a tool for social good.  In Africa, social entrepreneurial groups such as Ushahidi are already using the internet to enable direct democracy. In this video, Craig further elaborates on the theme.