Africa Social Enterprise Forum 2009
Speak to an Expert Adviser at ASEF about Your Social Enterprise
Are you starting a social enterprise and need some pointed, expert advice?  Maybe your idea is implemented, but you need to figure how to jump the hurdle to the next phase of growth?

We've lined up an impressive roster of accomplished experts for our speed mentor sessions.  Take advantage of their experience+knowledge-Diana, left, is CEO of Fast Forward Fund, an innovative initiative that cultivates investors among youth--Youth Investing in Youth.   Amini, center, is Executive Director at WIBO, where she helps more than 500 businesses in NYC expand from seed to growth and beyond.  Amini's value has been acknowledged by the William H. Clinton Foundation.  Bhavika, right, has more than 10 years experience working in investment banking.  She's gone from working for the likes of Goldman Sachs+ J.P.Morgan, to overseeing US$4 billion assets under management.  Bhavika is Founding Partner of Velocitas, a consulting group that helps social ventures tap strategic capital and grow.

Book your appointment with one of these mentors, as well as others, by following instructions here. Please note there are Limited Time Slots.
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