Africa Social Enterprise Forum 2009
Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to listen to Cheryl Dorsey speak at NYU through the Reynolds Speaker Series.  I was not only stimulated intellectually (Cheryl self-identifies as a closet academic), but quite moved by Cheryl's story of transcending and cross-interpreting different cultures and socio-economic categories as a social entrepreneur.  Cheryl spoke about her experience attending one of the world's most elite medical institutions--Harvard Medical School--and being only steps away from among the highest infant mortality rates in the country. What struck me is that she was not just a casual observer, but someone who decided to Do Something.  She established the Family Van, a mobile clinic in inner-city Boston that helped make basic healthcare accessible to low-income households living around the corner from elite institutions such as Harvard Medical School.

Download a PodCast of Cheryl Dorsey speaking at NYU Reynolds Here
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